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Oct 19, 2020



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Seven out of 10 Filipinos or 71 percent of Filipinos accept that the administration satisfactorily guaranteed that people, in general, get enough data on the most proficient method to battle COVID-19, as indicated by the consequences of the most recent Social Weather Stations (SWS) study. 

"Nagpapasalamat po kami sa inyo at ang IATF ay nagpapasalamat clamor po. Ito ay isang pagkilala sa amin na mabigyan kayo ng tama at napapanahon na impormasyon tungkol sa paglaban sa Covid," said Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Harry Roque, Jr. during a press preparation in Malaca├▒ang on October 19. 

The SWS National Mobile Phone Survey led from September 17 to 20 took a gander at the ampleness of government activities in battling COVID-19. Besides the sufficiency of data on the best way to battle COVID-19, the review additionally viewed as three different territories of concern. These are: guaranteeing that there will be broad contact following, guaranteeing the accessibility of reasonable COVID-19 testing, and guaranteeing arrangement of satisfactory help to individuals who lost positions or occupation. 

The most recent SWS review demonstrated that 67 percent of Filipinos said that the administration is directing satisfactory contact following exercises cross country. As indicated by the Department of the Interior and Local Government there are presently 35,345 contact tracers as of date, and approximately 15,000 more are to be employed to finish the objective of 50,000 contact tracers. 

Regarding COVID-19 testing, 54 percent of review respondents said that the administration activity is sufficient in guaranteeing the accessibility of reasonable testing for COVID-19. 

In the interim, there is just 44 percent among respondents who accept that the legislature enough followed up on guaranteeing the arrangement of satisfactory assistance for individuals who have lost their positions and occupation. 

"Ito ang dahilan kung bakit binubuksan natin po ang ating ekonomiya dahil naniwawala tayo na kailangan matuto ang mga Pilipino mabuhay bagama't nariyan po ang COVID-19," said Secretary Roque. 

"Ito rin po ang dahilan kung bakit binubuksan dad po natin yung sektor ng transportasyon dahil syempre po kung sarado dad rin ang transportasyon talagang hindi makakapasok dad rin sa trabaho ang mga merong trabaho," included the Palace representative. 

In similar press instructions, Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi said that President Rodrigo Duterte has permitted investigation again in the West Philippine Sea following the lifting of the ban on the territory. 

The Energy boss underscored that the lifting of the ban is a solid activity with respect to the administration and gives trust in Filipinos on finding another wellspring of energy that would guarantee energy security later on. He included that investigations in the West Philippine Sea will likewise clear route for ventures, and subsequently can bring work open doors for Filipinos and will help restore the economy. 

Sec. Cusi moreover focused on that the lifting of the ban is an activity of our sovereign rights and not the slightest bit debilitates the arbitral choice. Secretary Roque concurred saying that "Albeit sovereign rights are characterized as restrictive rights, select right might be shared by others. The choice to share is essential for sovereign rights and a sovereign choice also." 

On another issue, Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) General Manager Jose Arturo Garcia, Jr. declared in the said press preparation that Metro Manila civic chairmen chose to raise the age furthest reaches of the individuals who will be permitted to go out. Rather than 15 to 65 as suggested by the Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF), the MMDA concluded that they will force the 18-65 age limitations in the National Capital Region (NCR). 

The MMDA GM likewise reported that check-in time hours in the NCR will presently be from 12AM to 4AM, aside from the city of Navotas that will keep on implementing the 8PM to 5AM time limit hours. The MMDA further chose to abbreviate the time limitation hours by December 1, 2020, from 12AM to 3AM to give a path for the lead of strict exercises according to "Simbang Gabi." 

The MMDA, per the suggestion of Metro Manila civic chairmen, moreover prescribed to raise the limit of strict social affairs to 30 percent of scene limit, subject to endorsement by the IATF. ###OPS-PCOO

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